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Since beginning operation the PT. Pratama Kemasindah, premier manufacturer of Flexible Packaging and Shrink Label Film. PT. Pratama Kemasindah includes companies that serve customers throughout Indonesia, and we always provide the best service to our customers.

PT. Pratama Kemasindah, manufactures heat shrink label films, printed shrink sleeves/label and tamper evident seals for leading manufactures in the beverage food, cosmetic, sector as food grade laminated packaging materials used for beverage cups lidding, vacumm pack, standing pouch, and other applications.


PVC Shrink Label

UNI LABEL is made of high quality tested heat shrink material in a wide variety of thicknesses, shapes and sizes. It is printed using a sophisticated Rotogravure Printing Machine up to 6 (six) colours either surface or reverse or both combined.

UNI LABEL shrinks with predictable precision to > 50 % of its original size and allows for 360 degrees of print area. Uni Label will conform to the shape of the container when heat is applied - this allows the packaging company to use uniquely shaped containers that have extreme contours without compromising the copy or graphics.

Capseal Bottle/Gallon

Bottle seals and gallon seals are made to protect a product from counterfeiting and guarantee the authenticity of the product from forgery, can print up to 6 colors.

Shrink Film

PT. PRATAMA KEMASINDAH also provides PVC SHRINK Film material which is known for its quality, gloss, transparency, high shrinkage accuracy, PVC SHRINK can be supplied in various sizes, thicknesses (microns), and on request.

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